Required Reading

Reading List: 

The One and Future Money - Bob Landis (Mar. 2003) 

The Anomalous Open Interest Pattern of the Gold Market - Dan Norcini (Oct. 2004) 

The Smoking Gun - Ted Butler (August 2008) 

The Elephant in the Room - Rob Kirby (Aug. 2009) 

Gold derivatives -- GLD and ass backwardation - Reg Howe (Nov. 2010) 

GLD and SLV Disclosure in the Precious Metals Puzzle Palace - Catherine Austin Fitts (Jan. 2010) 

Hyperinflation Post Part I, II, III - FOFOA (Sept. 2010) 

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Rob Kirby (Feb. 2011) 

Silver Backwardation for Years, Possible Hyperinflation - James Turk (Feb. 2011)

My Publications
March 25  2010 - Harvey Organ - "Submission to the CFTC regarding precious metals and postion limits".

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