Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen:\

Open interest for the gold comex complex:  435,263 a slight rise from 434,296.
The open interest for the front March gold contract:  130

The next big active contract for gold:  245,211

Vol. on the comex Friday:  245,008 vs 207,369

Delivery notices filed on Friday:  14 only

Total notices filed so far:     1397 or 139700 oz\\

Total number of gold ounces standing so far this month of March:

1397,000 oz (served)  +  11,600 oz (yet to be served upon)  =   151,300 oz  (4.6 tonnes of gold)

Silver:  total OI  144,813 a drop from 145,338

OI standing for March 1341 a drop from 2597

Next big delivery month is May:  77,494 a rise from 76,682.

Vol.  62,062 vs 52,405

No of ounces standing:

6,165,000 oz served upon  +  4,535,000 (ounces yet to be served upon)  =  10,700,000 oz\\

It seems that the action is in gold.

I will provide data for you Monday night

all the best


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here are your numbers for Thursday, Feb 28.2013:

For gold it looks like 149500 oz will stand as that is the OI for March. (1495 x 100 oz per contract)
Or 4.6 tonnes of gold, which is extremely high for a non delivery month.

The total OI for the gold complex was up only 458 contracts.

The OI for April  lowers from 247,653 down to 244,812.

\In silver:  total OI rises to 145,388

The OI for the upcoming MaRCH  contract falls dramatically down to 2597.

The next delivery month of April rises to 76,682 from 70,980.

The volume today was good at 47,026.

The amount of silver that will stand for delivery is only 12,985,000 oz.

The data seems very weird.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

open interest/first day delivery notices

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen

Preliminary data for this morning.

Open interest for entire silver complex from 153,319  down to 145,620
Open interest for the front March contract month  9411 contracts or  47,055 ,000 oz
Volume yesterday in silver  78,901

and the first day notice deliveries  799 or 3,995,000 oz

Data for gold:

Open interest falls to 433,750  from 439,990

Open interest for the front March contract:  1,499 contracts or 1,499,000 oz

Open interest for the next May contract  247,653

Volume  184,695 contracts

First day delivery notices:  1,383 contracts or 138,300 oz or approximately 4.3 tonnes of gold

March being a  non delivery month.  

Since we had major shortcovering on a high gain in silver and gold price, the OI data seems very suspect.  For the OI in silver to fall so badly during a huge gain just does not make sense.  It looks to me like they are fudging the data.

I will report very late tonight to you  (probably in the early morning hours) on first day notice

Bye or now\\Harvey

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just a quick update on the data released by the CME:

For gold the OI decreased from 446,292 down to 439,990 as some of our shorts covered.

For silver also the OI decreased from 157,030 down to 153,319 as we had some major short covering with the big rise in silver.  The  big March contract for silver has first day notice tomorrow.  The OI reading for tonight rests at 23,819 which is very high. We had two more OI  readings before we get a good glimpse as to what will stand.  Generally the last two days has about 4,000 contracts rolling, so we may have as much at 15,000 contracts standing or 75 million oz.  I will report to you as to what will stand on Thursday.

Here is the amounts of gold standing for February:

1,296,200 oz  (served)  +  11,300 oz  (still left to be served upon)  =  1,308,000 oz or 40.68 tonnes of gold

absolutely enormous

silver:  2,245,000 oz (served)  +  25,000 oz (still left to be served upon)  =  2,270,000 oz

we will probably end the month with this figure or close to it.

I will try and speak to you and report some important data points tomorrow.

The big rise and gold and silver is certainly shaking our bankers.  Let us see how this shapes up in the delivery process.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ladies and  Gentlemen:

I do not have much time, so I will give you data that is important for you to digest:

1. Gold deliveries for February|:\

1,289,900 oz (served)  +  19,300 oz (to be served)  =  1,309,200 oz  a gain of 2900 oz from Friday.

The tonnage :  a whopping 40.72 tonnes of gold.

In silver:

2,245,000 oz (served)  +  10,000 oz (to be served upon)  =  2,255,000 oz

this is very high for a non active delivery month

The total OI for the entire silver complex is 157,030 again a multi year record.

And  what is more fascinating, the OI for the upcoming March contract is at a very lofty:  31,947  with three  trading days to go before  first day notice  (this Thursday)

The big news of the day is the huge showing for Berlusconi.  This will be damaging to the ECB/EU as Italy will probably escape the Euro, and they will probably benefit by doing so.\\

A great victory for gold.

I will try and do  a few little commentaries to help you guys and gals out


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